Friday, 15 June 2018

Really? What are you playing tonight? - Oh just some classical pieces. Nothing you'd know.


The blog doesn't owe you anything.

This practice,
This life,
It doesn't owe you a thing.
Who told you this was going to be easy?
Who told you this was going to make sense?

Just because you show up,
Just because you check in
sign in, follow, like or delete,
it doesn't mean it owes you
A good story that goes somewhere, a laugh, a thought provoking sentence, a grammatically correct sentence even.

But you still show up,
you still put in the time,
it's meaningful,
it's beautiful.

It's something to do
before you find the next best thing.

It's the space in between.

The blog before the next.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Monday, 11 June 2018

Flights to Nowhere Without Any Peanuts

Take me out tonight 

Where there's music and there's people 
And they're young and alive 
Driving in your car 
I never never want to go home 
Because I haven't got one 

Everything was a fucking test with Him.
Everyday had to be a fucking low quality movie.

We were on a mission to find milk crates to use as seats-
a few extra guests showed up that Saturday night.

"OKAY let's make a scene,"
He suggests,
"You play the subtly annoying American tourist."
"Fine. But you have to play the depressed South African director."
"Darling, you know I've never been good with accents."

And if a double-decker bus 
Crashes into us 
To die by your side 
Is such a heavenly way to die 
And if a ten-ton truck 
Kills the both of us 
To die by your side 
Well, the pleasure - the privilege is mine

Men who make us laugh at 10AM in the morning.
Men with extra energy.
Men nearly twice our age.
Men who study math & political science, 
make movies & steal milk crates for extra seating.
Men who have parties just to piss off the neighbors.
Men who hate their guests & go to bed at 11.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Friday, 8 June 2018

Summer ReRuns- "Rich & Nasty" as Wally would put it.

I can't wait to discover you.
I think you are worth exploring.
I'm sorry I don't know how to be with you
Or how to answer your numerous humorous e-mails.
I'm sorry I don't know how to take photos with you.
I'm sorry I always send you these ego-centered messages.
Obviously, I want to create more meaningful conversations
& "deep" dialogue, rather than discussing leather pants.
But c'mon, chicks in leather pants are hot & we all have a playful side.
I like leather, bikinis, krishnamurti, meditations, & making out...
& also writing non-cohesive facebook messages.

I want to keep you going. Selfishly, I want you to keep me going.
While trying on bell bottoms & breezy summery dresses this week,
music by Rhye came on in the boutique. I think you'd like them.
I hope you tell your grandkids about me while they are coming of age.
I hope you never have grandkids (hashtag: millenials). I hope you travel the world, live
in Nice, Bali & some unknown corner of the world, that you will refer to as heaven/ paradise/
all you ever needed. I hope you tell me all about it.

Morning found us calmly unaware.
Noon burned gold into our hair.
At night we danced the laughing sea.
When summer's gone where will we be?

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